Kitchen tools you should get

Spring-loaded Ice cream scoops - You just can't go wrong with ice cream scoops in varying sizes. These guys can be used to portion out anything, from cookie dough, meatballs, melon balls and ice cream(go figure). I love my 1-inch scoop for making meatballs, and when very lazy, I just pop the meat right into the frying pan, skipping on the messy hands! My 2-inch scoop measures approximately 1/4 cup, which works perfectly for portioning batter into muffin cups! The possibilities are endless!

 Potato masher: I know, this one seems like a no-brainer, but I actually rarely use my masher for making mashed potatoes! I have a potato ricer that makes the creamiest potatoes ever...but I digress. A potato masher is great for crushing fruit, especially when making jams. It also works great for stirring up concentrated orange juice. What? Yes, you mash up the can-shaped frozen concentrate at the bottom of the pitcher, then stir it into the water using an up-and-down motion. Very practical.