Monday, April 1, 2013

Hope and tulips

 Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You lean out of the way, readjust course, and often come out unscathed. But sometimes, life just hits you square in the face with the curve ball, breaking your nose. In those instances, it best to hold fast to the important things in life. The simple things, like a sunny morning and the warmth on your face. A welcome cup of coffee. A good meal with people you love. A burst of laughter. A favorite movie.

It's tough to come out on the other side, hoping everything will be the same. I think that, often, it's that hope that gets you through in the first place. Hope for the future, like the first tulip bulbs waking up in the springs, poking their little green stems out of the barren ground after the last of the snow melts. Yes - tulips bring hope, and sometimes, I think that the most we can ask for. At least for now.
 Until that time, I dug deep into my paper stash as opposed to my gardens, and gathered together a bouquet of origami tulips. Even paper flowers can inspire a little hope. Happy Easter, everyone.

Instructions on folding these guys can be found here. To finish the bouquet, I wrapped broken branches with green floral tape, inserted a stick into the hole at the base of the tulip head and hot-glued it into place. I then glued a long piece of green paper to the the stem, folding it around the stem.